7 Grief Quotes to Show You’re Not Alone

Will a list a of quotes fix your grief?

No definitely not!

But I have found relief in moments of time that you realise that you’re not the only one.

You’re not weird and that every journey is unique.

I hope it helps if only for even a moment.

Grief Quotes #1

It's a grief quote

Quotes #2

It's a grief quote
Alicia H Clark

Quotes #3

It's a grief quote

Quotes #4

It's a grief quote
It’s C.S. Lewis

Quotes #5

It's a grief quote

Quotes #6

It's a grief quote
Thomas Wilder

Grief Quotes #7

It's a grief quote
Nicholas Sparks

So Many Great Quotes

With so many having walking this path before us, there was so many incredible quotes I could have shared.

But I wanted to focus on the that acknowledged how hard it is.

But that even those who have had a terrible time of the journey, eventually find there way through this chapter.

Each Journey Is Individual

In previous writing, I have reflected that even though I am walking this journey, I know so little of how human’s experience grief.

When I have watched as I attended 6 funerals last year, that each person processes and struggles in their very own individual way.

Nothing I say can really make it easier. Nothing I say can change your journey. Even if I could, that isn’t my place.

Please don’t let anyone tell you how your journey should go, or what you should be doing to fix it.

Take one step at a time and you’ll naturally do what you need to do for you.

Send Your Feedback

I am hear as a ear to listen, to share your story, I’d love to hear all about your loved one.

I’d love to hear the quotes that have helped you. Or any you have shared with a loved one while they have been dealing with loss.

Please connect with me on Facebook if we’re not already or send me an email.

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