All About Us

My name is Abigail.

I created Caring for Yourself as a Carer. After my 5 year old son Matthew passed aware of a rare and complex condition.

I wanted to share our story & build a legacy for my son. Also to share with other parents the lessons I learned along the way.

We start looking after ourselves when Matthew was a few years old and from there our lives transformed. It wasn’t intentional, it kind of happened by accident, but when we realised that there was a whole new world of options we’d never seen before, we pursued it.

Now I am totally passionate about seeing that happen for other families on the same journey.

I want you to know you don’t have to stay stuck in survival mode. You don’t have to stay miserable. Feeling stressed and awful, just because you’ve been dealt a super complex hand as a parent.

For more about our beautiful Matthew and family check out Our Story.


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