One life saving step

I wasn’t eating well, or eating what a stressed out over taxed body really needs. Do you know who eats 6-10 serves of fruit and vegetables a day? Then lives the hospital lifestyle that we have? Ha, as if there is a way to get easy nutrition for a special needs mum!

Sounds dramatic I know but I believe this step saved my life and possibly my children’s.

How did I find it?

Luke brought home something for me to try, I clearly remember standing in the kitchen. I listened as he explained.

Luke had a long day at work,then out afterwards to see his cousin. I had begrudgingly agreed.

It was one of the most stressful times in my life.

Mackenzie was six months old, and didn’t sleep well. She had never been able to establish a normal routine, our lives were all over the place. At 6 weeks old, she and I had lived with Matthew in the hospital for around a month. She used to wake up to 6 times a night!

It was winter, Matthew always had something going on, feeds, medications, suction, oxygen, & emergencies. I would have been up until mid-night with him, then up every half an hour – hour – two hours, with Mackenzie. Up again at 7am to do it all again – if he hadn’t needed something during the night.

The weeks before, during an admission, I was driving up and back from the hospital. I had Shane and Mackenzie in the car. In the morning my aim was to get there by 9am. In the evening trying to get back for a reasonable bedtime for them.

I had been having micro-sleeps at the wheel. It happened a lot more often than I’d like to admit. Mackenzie, on top of not sleeping, hated her car seat. So I could never pull over and have a power nap, so I pushed on so many times. Feeling squeezed, like there was no other way to be there for my family.

I thought my husband was crazy

When Luke brought this stuff home, I was standing in the kitchen thinking ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’

I had been trying to get Luke to take something for years. He needed to off-set the damage he had done by treating his body like an amusement park.

I was shocked when Luke took it faithfully.

Well, if this company has managed to convince my husband to take it, they’ve got to be doing something right! I better check them out see if they really have something good happening.

My mum (studying a bachelor of science at the time), so I called her. We checked out the product, was it really natural, sustainable, no toxin fillers etc?

It checkout so I gave it a go. A real food nutritional supplement – easy nutrition for a special needs mum.

So did it work?

Two weeks later, after Luke woke me one morning at 4am;

‘Here, take this’ shying away in a ‘don’t hurt me’ manner – I was not a morning person. Never had been, even before Matthew came into our lives.

We drove to Mount Buller, we got to Mansfield, around 2 and half hours later. Luke turned to me and said ‘What is wrong with you?’

I had been sitting up with him, bright, chirpy, chatting to keep him company as he drove.

In the past I would have crawled into the back seat with my blanket and pillow. Nobody talk to me because I’ll bite your head off!

We looked at each other, ‘I guess this stuff really works.’

From that point on things changed for me. Mackenzie was still waking but I discovered I was getting much better quality sleep. When I got it – so that in the morning, I felt like I had a full nights sleep. No more dangerous driving for me.

Nights in the past, I used to lay there, brain going around and around. Thinking of all the things I needed to do, should have done, didn’t do right, they subsided. Even if I couldn’t go to sleep right away, I would lay there and there would be calm and peace. I could relax into sleep.

My energy levels continued to improve so much. It was then I was able to reach out and start making some changes. Things like trying to beat the isolation, exercising and working on my relationships. Who would have know there was a way to get easy nutrition for a special needs mum?

My conclusion

I could not have survived everything I have been through at the level we did, without fixing my nutritional intake. This did it easily without me having to take on anything difficult or messy.

If this is you, please send me a message on Facebook, or leave a comment here.

I would love to point you in the right direction. So you can have access to easy nutrition for a special needs mum. It made such a difference to me, before this the idea of caring for myself even occurred to me.

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